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An interesting link to the The Port Colden Schoolhouse and its history with the Morris Canal. Visit a collage of "Old Time" photos and learn about the hisotry of Port Colden by viewing "Then and Now" a collaborative project created by the studenst of Washington Township School District.

Some children helped their parents on the canal during the spring, summer and fall, During the winter months the canal would close and they would do their schooling in those months.

A one room school house on Lock Street in Phillipsburg.

The children that attended the school.

kids on the canal boat
Children would be chained to the canal
boat incase they fell overboard.

fishing on the canal
Fishing on the canal.

canal boat cooking
Cooking on the canal boat.

water power
Using water power for more than transportation.
Water power being used to run a washing machine.

ice skating on the morris canal
People ice skating on the canal in wintertime.



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Books by James Lee

The Morris Canal-
A Photographic History

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